Pitching MozCon — Shameless Self-Promotion

Two weeks ago, the fine folks at SEOmoz announced that they were accepting speaker submissions to present at MozCon. When I read it, I got a little bit tingly inside — the good kind of tingly.

You see, I’m going to MozCon! And I love presenting stuff! Perfect storm! So I set out to craft the world’s greatest speaker pitch in the world (trademark pending). When I found out the odds of getting selected were roughly 20:1, I decided to try to shift the odds a bit with some shameless self-promotion, so here it is laid bare. My speaker pitch for MozCon (even though the lovely Jen Lopez says it won’t have any impact).

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MozCon Speaker Pitch

Topic Idea:

Proving the value of SEO, paid search, and social efforts can be hard — particularly when you’re dealing with local, service-oriented business clients. No matter how hard we might try to entice their site visitors to fill out an online form, a lot of conversions sneak “off the radar,” as prospects pick up the phone to transact business.

In “10 minutes in nerd heaven,” I’ll reveal how to track these phone call conversions within Google Analytics at a fraction of the cost of paid services like ifbyphone (3 cents per minute vs. 8 cents per minute). I accomplish this task using Twilio’s API and a simple PHP script (less than 100 lines of code).

This presentation will also provide an inside-out look at Google Analytics, as we dissect the __utm.gif calls made by GA so that we can fire pageviews from the server side (not using javascript) to get our call data into Analytics. This has practical application for other use cases where a pageview or event needs to be registered without the use of javascript.

Most people will laugh at least twice during my presentation.

Also, it’s worth noting that I’ll provide the PHP script I use to enable phone tracking as a download with my presentation, so it will be very easy for people to actually put this stuff into action.

Additional Info (About Me):

I presented at the SEOmoz Search Church event in Philadelphia (The SEO’s Guide to Scraping Everything — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV7oEiAcrWg) and regularly present at Philadelphia’s SEO Grail (http://www.meetup.com/seo-philly/) and other local meetups.

I wrote “How Garbage Ranks in the SERPs: A Case Study” (The 7th most thumbed-up post of the last year) for SEOmoz, and launched Link Detective (http://www.linkdetective.com), a widely-endorsed SEO tool.

I’m the highest ranked author on this page (http://www.seomoz.org/blog/popular/past-365-days) not already slated to speak at MozCon. An omen? I’d like to think so.

I’ve authored white papers like this one (on content marketing): http://www.jplcreative.com/lib/pdf/ChangesGoogleHighlightImportanceContentMarketing.pdf

I’ve launched (and sometimes sold) successful businesses like:

In my day job, I work with both big and small clients on their organic search, paid search, social, and analytics needs. I spearheaded the transition from Omniture to Google Analytics for Hershey’s (the candy company) and have integrated call tracking into GA for our smaller, local clients.

If you’re still not sure about my ability to entertain and provide value to your audience, check out this video of me rapping about my mustache (when it still adorned my lip): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEx0hQSknJo

I’d Love Your Comments

I believe Jen that this likely won’t influence SEOmoz’s selection of speakers… but I still think there’s value in posting it. I’m not exactly a pro at getting picked to speak at events. I’ve presented at lots of small meetups and was VERY fortunate to be picked to present at the SEOmoz Search Church meetup… but I’ve gotten no response from some of the other large conferences I’ve pitched in the past.

I’d be thrilled if you’d let me know how my pitch could be improved. Did my humor not come off well? Did I pick a topic that’s too narrow for the proposed audience? Was I too charming and witty? Let’s talk about pitching conferences. Tell me how to get better.